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ACM 83 was incorporated with the aim: thermal expertise, the study, installation, maintenance, maintenance and troubleshooting air conditioning, heat pump, electric heating, domestic hot water with thermodynamic ball and solar panels, the aeraulic and VMC.

Our technical expertise and our prices without competitions are targeted on the equipment from:

Offices - shops - Administration - industrial premises - premises.

Individuals: Villas - apartments and cellar Vinuons all these brands and many others.

We distribute all these brands and many others.

SARL with a capital of €10000 - Siret No. 53066614800016 Code APE No. 4322 B

We are approved VERITAS, this allows us to handle your installation containing refrigerant fluid: air conditioner, heat pump, this approval is required, any person handling your installation must be holder.

The law on compulsory maintenance of air conditioning systems cold or hot/cold starting of the year 2009

To limit the adverse effects of the refrigerant gas type HCFC or HFC, the France is equipped a new regulation. Here on July 4, 2009, any professional who handles these gases (installation, repair) must have a certificate of ability of a body authorized by the State.
It is all the more important for installers that, at the same time, producers and distributors of fluids or equipment that contain, cannot therefore assign equipment to operators with this famous statement.
Decree No. 92-1271 7 December 1992 concerning certain refrigerants used in refrigeration and climatic equipment is repealed with the exception of articles 4, 5 and 6 which continue to apply until July 4, 2008.
A visit to maintenance once a year is mandatory for all cold or hot/cold air conditioning systems.